The following books are a few of the invaluable sources of information used in making the pages of this site. I want to say "Thanks!" to the authors!

The Complete Films of Rita Hayworth, The Legend and Career of a Love Goddess, Gene Ringgold 1974, 1991 Citadel Press Published by: Carol Publishing Group

Rita Hayworth- The Time, The Place and The Woman, John Kobal 1977, W.W. Norton & Company Inc.

Rita, The Life of Rita Hayworth, Joe Morella and Edward Z. Epstein 1983, Dell Publishing Co., Inc.

The Decline and Fall of The Love Goddesses, by Patrick Agan 1979, Pinnacle Books

Rita Hayworth, A Memoir, by James Hill 1983, Simon & Schuster

Hollywood At Your Feet: The Story of the World-Famous Chinese Theatre, by Stacey Enders and Robert Cushman 1992, Pomegranate Press, Ltd

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