Rita Hayworth Hair

This page celebrates the many hairstyles of Rita Hayworth. From jet black and pulled into a bun to flowing red locks, Rita Hayworth's hair was her trademark.

In the beginning of her career under the name of Rita Cansino,
she sported a jet black slicked into a bun do.

During 1939 until the early part of 1940, already "Rita Hayworth", her
hair was still dark, but styled down and split in the middle to copy
the Hedy Lamarr look which many starlets adopted at the time.
She "premiered" this style in Only Angels Have Wings.

The finishing touch in the transformation from Cansino to Hayworth, was
when Rita's hair was dyed to it's signature ravishing red color. On the
left is her lovely do from the Cover Girl period (filmed in 1943).

Rita traveled back in time to achieve the turn-of-the-century coif
from My Gal Sal (left). At center and right is her classic
do from the legendary 1946 movie Gilda.

For just one movie, The Lady From Shanghai, under the guidance of
her former husband, Orson Welles, Rita's hair was cropped short
and dyed a shade known as "topaz blonde."

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