Rita Hayworth Quiz #2

Be careful! This one's a bit tougher than quiz #1!!!

1) What was Rita's character's name in Tonight and Every Night?
            Kitty Pendleton
            Maria Acuņa
            Sheila Winthrop
            Rosalind Bruce

2) What was her last film as "Rita Cansino"?
            Hit the Saddle
            Dante's Inferno
            Trouble In Texas
            Only Angels Have Wings

3) What goddess did Rita once play in a movie?
            Terpsichore, the goddess of the dance
            Aphrodite, the goddess of love
            Artemis, the goddess of the moon
            Athena, the goddess of wisdom

4) Which of these famous dancers was NOT Rita's cousin, but her aunt married Rita's uncle?
            Betty Grable
            Ann Miller
            Cyd Charisse
            Ginger Rogers

5) What blonde actress was in Pal Joey with Rita and Frank Sinatra?
            Marilyn Monroe
            Kim Novak
            Jayne Mansfield
            Barbara Eden

6) In what movie was Rita's character named Ann Shankland?
            Separate Tables
            You Were Never Lovelier
            Tales of Manhattan
            Fire Down Below

7) What breed of dog did Rita have in the early 40's?
            bull dog

8) What city was Tonight and Every Night set in?
            London, England
            Paris, France
            New York, New York
            Milan, Italy

9) Who was Rita's favorite director?
            Clifford Odets
            Alexander Hall
            Charles Vidor
            Rouben Mamoulian

10) Who was her romantic interest in 1953's Miss Sadie Thompson?
            Jack Lemmon
            Aldo Ray
            Jose Ferrer
            Robert Mitchum

11) What did Rita like to collect?
            designer clothes

12) Who was the director of The Lady from Shanghai?
            Charles Vidor
            Orson Welles
            Alfred Hitchcok
            Ida Lupino

13) What movie from the "Blondie" series did Rita appear in?
            Blondie on a Budget
            Footlight Glamour
            Blondie Takes a Vacation
            Blondie Goes Latin

14) How old was Rita when she made her official film debut?

15) What was the first Rita movie produced by her own production company, Beckworth?
            The Lady from Shanghai
            Affair in Trinidad
            The Happy Theives
            The Loves of Carmen

16) When did Rita leave her hand and footprints in the cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater?
            December 6, 1941
            July 24, 1942
            March 5, 1943
            May 23, 1943

17) In The Lady from Shanghai, which of these famous actors did the yacht used in it belong to?
            Glenn Ford
            John Wayne
            Errol Flynn
            Tyrone Power

18) Which of these is NOT a name of one of Rita's characters?
            Catana Perez
            Seņora De La Plata
            Angela Gonzalez
            Ethel Halloway

19) What was one of Rita's favorite hobbies?
            dressing up in fancy clothes
            being the life of the party
            learning to bullfight

20) Which of these Rita movies were NOT released in 1941?
            The Strawberry Blonde
            Affectionately Yours
            Blood and Sand
            Susan and God

BONUS) What was the name of Rita and Orson Welles' pet cocker spaniel?

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