Rita Hayworth FAQ's

Birth Name:    Margarita Carmen Dolores Cansino

Birthdate:      October 17, 1918

Birthplace:    New York Nursery and Child's Hospital, in NYC, New York

Deathdate:    May 14, 1987 (Alzheimer's Disease) at age 68

Burial:          Rita's final resting place is at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City, California

Parents:        Eduardo Cansino (a Spaniard from Sevilla), Volga Hayworth (Irish & English)

Brothers:      Vernon and Eduardo Jr. (both younger than Rita)

Temporary Stage Name:    her real name, with Margarita shortened to Rita Cansino

Height:          5' 6"

Weight:        maintained between 114 and 129 lbs.

Shoe Size:    7AAA

Eyes:            dark brown (with green and gold flecks, according to former husband James Hill)

Natural Hair Color:    her dark brown

Marriages:    Edward Charles Judson   (May 29, 1937-May 22, 1942) Divorced

                      George Orson Welles   (Sept. 7, 1943-Dec. 1,1948) Divorced

                      Prince Aly Khan   (May 27, 1949-Jan. 27, 1953) Divorced

                      Dick Haymes   (Sept. 24, 1953-Dec. 13, 1955) Divorced

                      James Hill   (Feb. 2, 1958-Sept. 1961) Divorced

Children:      Daughter Rebecca Welles (b. December 17, 1944)

                      Daughter Princess Yasmin Aga Khan (b. December 28, 1949)

Did You Know...

If you've read this page, you'll do well in my Rita Quiz, and the somewhat harder, Quiz #2.

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