The Features page

In the "features page" I post something new every once in a while (every time I get an idea and have time) -Something entertaining and informative, highlighting different aspects of her life, for example, in the past I've done "Rita, The Pin-Up Girl" and "Rita, The Mommy". Thanks for stopping by!!!

Rita Hayworth

**November 27, 2002**

Rita's Columbia Pictures family

Meet the people that worked behind the scenes turning a
normal girl into an empress of desire

Rita's Female Co-Stars

Read about and see the actresses that appeared alongside
Rita in her most famous films


August 18, 2002

An Interview with: Rita Hayworth: A Photographic Retrospective author, Caren Roberts-Frenzel

My exclusive interview with the author of the latest
book written about Rita

April 29, 2002

The Rita Hayworth Fashion Page

Part I: Early on, a few of her films & off the screen
Part II: Rita's first 5 Jean Louis designed films
Part III: Jean Louis' last 5 films with Rita & beyond

November 22, 2000

Some of Rita's unrealized film projects

Some of the movies offered to Rita which never came
to be

September 17, 2000

A few of Rita Hayworth's looks

A page about some of those classic Hayworth looks

September 6, 2000

Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles

About the famous couple's marriage

December 28, 1999

Princess Yasmin's Birthday page

A small page celebrating Rita's daughter, Yasmin's

October 15, 1999

Rita's 81st Birthday page!

In celebration of Rita's 81st birthday

May 12, 1999

Rita's 12th Death Anniversary

Commemorating the 12th anniversary of Rita's

April 28, 1999

Rita, The Mommy

A Mother's Day tribute to Rita, Yasmin, Rebecca and

February 8, 1999

Rita, The Pin-Up Girl

Read about Rita's life as one of the biggest pin-up
girls ever

November 5, 1998

Rita Hayworth's Leading Men

Learn about the relationships between Rita and some
of her most celebrated leading men

October 11, 1998

Happy Birthday, Rita!!!!

A small birthday tribute for Rita's 80th

Rita Hayworth hair

Displaying the changes in one of Miss Hayworth's most
striking features

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