Rita Hayworth Quiz

Test your Rita Hayworth skills and take the quiz.

1) Where was Rita Hayworth born?
            Madrid, Spain
            Los Angeles, California
            New York City, New York
            Agua Caliente, Mexico

2) When was Rita born?
            November 22, 1923
            May 1, 1922
            April 14, 1916
            October 17, 1918

3) How many brothers and sisters did Rita have?
            1 brother, 1 sister
            2 brothers, 0 sisters
            3 brothers, 1 sister
            0 brothers, 2 sisters

4) What was her first Technicolor film?
            Blood and Sand
            Dante's Inferno
            Only Angels Have Wings
            Cover Girl

5) Who co-starred with Rita in 5 movies?
            Gene Kelly
            Fred Astaire
            Glenn Ford
            Larry Parks

6) What was Rita's only movie released in 1945?
            Cover Girl
            Tonight and Every Night
            You Were Never Lovelier

7) How many children did Rita have?

8) In what year did Rita make her last fim?

9) Which studio did Rita mainly work for during her top years in Hollywood?
            Twentieth Century-Fox

10) Who was Rita's favorite photographer?
            Irving Lippman
            A.L. "Whitey" Schafer
            George Hurrell
            Robert Coburn

11) What was Rita's first movie after her divorce from Prince Aly Khan?
            Affair In Trinidad
            Fire Down Below
            The Loves of Carmen

12) For what movie did Rita go blonde?
            You'll Never Get Rich
            Down to Earth
            The Lady from Shanghai
            Miss Sadie Thompson

13) Which of her co-stars did Rita come close to marrying?
            Tyrone Power
            Victor Mature
            Glenn Ford
            Gene Kelly

14) In what movie was Rita first billed as Rita Hayworth?
            Criminals of the Air
            You'll Never Get Rich
            Dante's Inferno
            Girls Can Play

15) Which was one of the two Rita movies she claimed as her favorite?
            Cover Girl
            You Were Never Lovelier
            The Lady from Shanghai

16) According to the song "Vogue" (by Madonna) what did Rita Hayworth do?
            appear "on the cover of a magazine"
            "dance on air"
            give "good face"
            be the "picture of a beauty queen"

17) Rita's Hollywood title was, of course:
            "The Sweater Girl"
            "The Pin-Up Queen"
            "The Love Goddess"
            "The Oomph Girl"

18) In how many movies did Rita star opposite Fred Astaire?

19) Who played Rita in the 1983 TV movie about her?
            Demi Moore
            Kirstie Alley
            her daughter, Yasmin
            Lynda Carter

20) In what year did Rita make the most movies?

Bonus Question) How many movies did Rita make billed as Rita Cansino?

So how did you do? Was this too easy? If you're ready for questions that are a bit tougher, take quiz#2!!!

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