Charlie Chan in Egypt

Rita Cansino and Pat Paterson in a publicity shot for Charlie Chan in Egypt

A Fox Film (1935)

Producer: Edward T. Lowe
Director: Louis King

Screenplay: Robert Ellis and Helen Logan,
based on character created by Earl Derr Biggers

Warner Oland as Charlie Chan
Pat Paterson as Carol Arnold
Thomas Beck as Tom Evans
Rita Cansino as Nayda
Frank Conroy as Professor Thurston
Nigel de Brulier as Edfu Ahmad
James Eagles as Barry Arnold

Costumes by Helen Myron

Black and White, 72 mins. running time

Charlie Chan in Egypt was the eighth installment in the popular "Charlie Chan" mystery series that ran throughout the 30's and 40's. Over the years, the series featured several future stars in bit parts and supporting roles, including Cesar Romero and Ray Milland. This one featured a 16-year old Rita as Nayda, a servant of the Arnold household.

When detective Charlie Chan (Warner Oland) arrives in Egypt to investigate the whereabouts of artifacts taken from the ancient tomb of Amete, he meets Carol Arnold (Pat Paterson). The daughter of an archeologist, Professor Arnold (George Irving), she is distressed because her father appears to have disappeared on an expedition. Later, her worst fears are realized when Arnold's body is found hidden in a mummy case, with a bullet in his chest. Now it's up to Charlie Chan to unravel the mystery surrounding the murder.

With help from Carol's archeologist friend Tom Evans (Thomas Beck), Chan begins his investigation and finds that Professor Arnold was killed because he'd discovered the secret treasure of Amete's tomb. Chan finds there's even more than meets the eye to this case when Carol's brother, Barry (James Eagles) mysteriously dies.

When Tom also discovers the treasure, an attempt is made on his life. He is shot. Upon further investigation of Barry's death, Chan realizes he was murdered because he had knowledge of Amete's treasure as well. Finally, the murderer is caught in the act while trying to see to it that Tom doesn't recover from his bullet wound. Tom is the only person that can identify the killer, having seen him before the shot was fired. The murderer is immediately apprehended. Tom soon recovers and the mystery is solved, thanks to Charlie Chan.

Charlie Chan in Egypt is considered to be one of the best of the "Charlie Chan" series. In this her third film, sixteen-year old Rita is made to look older than her years. She wears one costume throughout the film and though her make-up is very thick, she looks quite lovely. She has a few lines which include brief dialogue between she and the star of the film, Warner Oland. She also has a few close-ups, such as a scene where she watches Chan investigate Barry Arnold's death.

Rita Cansino as Nayda in Charlie Chan in Egypt
Rita Cansino as Nayda in Charlie Chan in Egypt.

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