Music in My Heart

Rita and Tony Martin

A Columbia Picture (1940)

Producer: Irving Starr
Director: Joseph Stantley

Screenplay: James Edward Grant,
from Grant story, "Passport to Happiness"

The Stars:
Tony Martin: Robert (Bob) Gregory
Rita Hayworth: Patricia O'Malley
Edith Fellows: Mary O'Malley

By: Chet Forrest and Bob Wright
"Oh, What a Lovely Dream," "Punchinello," "Prelude to Love," "Hearts in the Sky," "No Other Love," "It's a Blue World," "I've Got Music in My Heart"

Gowns by Kalloch

Black and White, 70 mins. running time

Rita's last film had been Only Angels Have Wings, which elevated her to another stage in her career, but she was not yet a big star in Music in My Heart. Her leading man is Tony Martin. Although his future looked bright in films, he was never to achieve the stardom Rita had. At the time he was married to one of the most popular musical stars of the day, Alice Faye but they divorced soon after this film and he later married Cyd Charrise. Rita gives a cute, spirited performance in this, the first of many musicals Columbia would cast her in.

Patricia O'Malley (Rita Hayworth) and Bob Gregory (Tony Martin) first run into each other as they are speeding in separate taxicabs to catch the ship at pier 7. She's an enterprising girl on her way to marry a millionaire, Charles Gardner (Richard Mowbray), and he's a singer on his way to be deported. Both are running late and in their haste, their taxis collide. They both hop into one cab and make it to pier 7, but it's too late, their ship has sailed. She has missed her wedding and he has missed the ship that was to take him to Europe. Patricia is not heart-broken though, as she was only marrying Gardner for his money. But Bob was to be deported -he is now wanted by the police!

Patricia takes Bob home to stay with she and her family, and when her sister Mary (Edith Fellows) sees him, her goal becomes to bring the two of them together. Now Bob has a place to stay and one of Patricia's neighbors gives him a job as a singer. Meanwhile, Patricia's millionaire, Gardner, begins to think he really loves her. He'll do anything to win her back even though he's been "jilted". He sends his valet, Griggs (Eric Blore), to do his bidding and deliver Patricia to him. She agrees to have dinner with him to patch things up, but before the appointed time arrives, she and Bob fall in love.

His pride wounded, Gardner still wants her for his wife. Griggs takes it upon himself to go to the newspaper office that Gardner owns and have them print a phony story about Bob having a wife and three kids stashed away somewhere in Europe. He then makes sure Patricia gets hold of the phony newspaper. Hurt and angry, she calls Gardner and sets up another date. She's at his house for dinner when Gardner finds out what Griggs has done. He knows Patricia's in love with Bob, so he tells her the truth. She immediately goes back to Bob, and Gardner proves once and for all he's a good guy by fixing everything so that Bob no longer has to be deported.

Tony Martin sings all throughout Music in My Heart's 70 minute running time, so if you like Tony Martin, this movie's for you. Rita has no musical numbers but she does have one dance routine. The song "It's a Blue World" by Chet Forrest and Bob Wright was nominated for an Academy Award but lost to "When You Wish Upon a Star" from the Disney classic, Pinnochio.

Music in My Heart
Publicizing her one dance routine in the film.

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