Photo Gallery #1

Three-year-old Margarita with two-year-old brother Eduardo Jr., 1922
Margarita and Eduardo Jr., whom the family called Sonny, in 1922 New York
Margarita and brother Eduardo Jr. on the sidewalks of New York, 1922
Four-year-old Margarita poses with her two younger brothers, Eduardo Jr. and baby Vernon, 1923

Six-year-old Margarita demonstrates the dances her father taught her
Margarita at the age of 13- 1931
Margarita and her father, Eduardo
Three generations of 'dancing' Cansino's -that's her father, Eduardo and grandfather, Antonio

Rita with Pat Patterson, publicizing Charlie Chan in Egypt

Rita, in early 1935
early 1935
early FOX studio portrait
Rita Cansino publicity shot for Human Cargo (1936)

Publicity shot for Paddy O'Day, here she is shown holding the 'Rita Cansino' dahlias, so named by Mrs. G. F. Stephenson of the 'Dahlia Society of America'
Charlie Chan in Egypt (1935)
with Tex Ritter in Trouble in Texas (1937)

Rita Cansino
Rita Cansino
Rita Cansino

One of the very first pictures taken of her when she first sign on with Columbia
Rita and Tex Ritter- Trouble in Texas (1937)
with Marc Lawrence

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